No Expectations.

What a year.... Well, if I am being honest, it's been two years. 

In my (internet) absence, I married my sweet Mitchell in August of 2016. We then traveled through Maine together, and settled into our new home in Birmingham, Alabama shortly after. In the first year of our marriage, I jumped from a freelance interior design position to my current visual merchandiser position, while adjusting to a new city, routine, and balance. 

Prior to 2017, I was bogging myself down with work and life with no balance, all the while feeling guilty for ignoring Elegant Mornings and the ideas that came along with it. However, I never wanted to push unnecessary content - words, images or posts. It was necessary that I took a break. I took the time off to dig deep into what I wanted, what I could create, and what I could do. I read, wrote down every thought, painted, and rearranged my house a million times. I made a plan - then crumpled it up, tossed it away, and then made a new plan. 

A friend recently reminded me that the most necessary growth happens with big change and uncomfortable situations. Although nothing about my life has felt uncomfortable lately, I am just now catching up after all of the change and growth the last few years have given.

This isn’t a relaunch of a blog. Sharing things on the internet is just about our life and how we are all trying to figure it out and the inspiration along the way, right? This is just a space with no expectations. 

Cheers to change, friends! 

Thanks for being a part of it. 


Images by Haley Sheffield

Xanna Kidd